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The benefits of keeping that 7 Seater clean

You probably realise that your MPV is a valuable asset, not just in the practical sense but also in the sense that it you will be able to sell it for a substantial amount at some later point. With this in mind it is important not to forget what a difference regular cleaning and cosmetic maintenance can make to the resale value of your car. There are many aspects to keeping a car clean and each of these add up to keeping the interior and exterior of your 7 seater in tip top shape.

The environment in which your car operates has an impact on the quality of the exterior of the car. Hazards such as bird droppings, pollutants, road salt and fine dust all eat away at your cars paintwork and other exterior fittings. Paintwork consists out of several layers and works as a unified system so it is important to cover all the steps when you clean the exterior, including a regular wax with high-grade products.

As you are well aware the interior of your MPV will attract mud, food, scratches and stains all of which can build up into something rather ugly. The longer you wait to clean up the mess the more difficult it becomes to clean. Waiting until before you sell the car to do a proper clean is not a good idea, it is much easier to regularly clean the interior of the car. Also, no matter how clean your 7 seater car is on the outside, if a potential buyer climbs in and sees a mess they will probably come to the conclusion that you made no effort to maintain the car.

It might not be obvious that regularly cleaning your car can reduce maintenance costs, but you will be surprised. When dirt builds up on the exterior of the car you will find that it eats away at paint and chrome work to such an extent that the car will start showing signs of rust. This means you will probably have to re-spray the car at some point and, if left too long, will necessitate expensive body work. Stone chips and minor scratches also have a tendency to worsen and these should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent the formation of rust.

Then there’s also the intangible factor: it is nice to ride in a clean car. You and your family will have a much more pleasant experience on a long trip if you start off with a clean car. You may think that all this cleaning is not worth it if you are going to end up with a dirty car at the end of the journey but be assured, if your car starts the journey in a sad state it will be unbearable by the time you are on your way back.

The effort you put into keeping your MPV clean will pay off in improving the ownership experience but most importantly can ensure that you receive top dollar for your 7 seater MPV when it comes to selling it. It is not that hard and there are plenty of outfits that will do it for you if you’re not up for the effort.

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