5 Ways of Voiding a Warranty

When purchasing a new car one of the deciding factors of whether or not you will actually buy the car is how good the warranty is.  Especially now in today’s economy it is an ever growing obsession, even with the manufacturers, as they try to entice us with what seems to be a never ending warranty on our new cars.  There are however, several ways that a warranty can be voided out by the manufacturer if the car is not properly maintained.  Not all manufacturers adhere to all of these rules; this is a general guideline of possible ways to void your warranty.

1) You do not keep up with your vehicle maintenance.

This is very important.  If you are not keeping up with the maintenance schedule as described in your owner’s manual your warranty could be void.  Even if you are having the work done to your car when it is supposed to be done, it could still be void if the proper records are not kept.

The key here is to make sure that you keep up with the maintenance and keep the proper records.  If you do the work yourself this could be a little tricky, but it could be done.  All you have to do is make sure you keep every receipt for the parts and oil that you buy.

2) Make sure the right parts are installed on your car.

If the wrong parts or fluids are used, this could void your warranty. For example, if you use the green coolant, instead of the red coolant, and your engine over heats causing you to crack the block you might not be covered.  This is simple; just make sure that you are using the right parts or fluids.  If you bring your car to a shop and they install the wrong stuff you can hold them liable.

3) Do not use your car for anything other than what it is supposed to be used for.

If the first thing you do is go to the track with your new car after you buy it, you could be voiding your warranty.  As a matter of fact, do not go to the track at all unless you want your warranty to be voided.  It is that simple.  How will they know?  We have seen representatives from the manufacturers writing down the license plate numbers of cars that are still potentially under warranty.  Do not do it, unless you just do not care.

4) Do not install aftermarket speed parts on your car.

This one is relatively simple.  They will void your warranty here, only with certain products though.  Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing which parts will void your warranty.  A safe bet here is, if you absolutely must go fast, buy the manufacturers speed parts.

5) Do not under any circumstances mess with the odometer.

There is no way of fooling with your car’s mileage.  Gone are the days when you used to be able to unplug your odometer and get away with it.  Nowadays they are able to check to see if you have tampered with it.  Of course, there are some instances when it must be tampered with, such as if it breaks.  If this happens it should be well documented and will not void your warranty.  Even if by some miracle you are able to unplug it, your car will not run right anyway.  The car manufacturers are catching on and they are doing their best to stop fraud in its tracks.

If you follow the rules and try to not void your warranty, you will succeed.  However, if you decide that the rules are not for you, you could wind up with a useless warranty and a broken down car with no way of fixing it.


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