5 Important new Car Features

There are more important things than the new car smell. When buying a car you need to think about which options are going to maximize resale potential. This is important because one day you are going to have to sell that shiny piece of metal you are so in love with now. So deal with your grief early and get lots of very nice optional extras.

Perhaps it is the atrocious dealership coffee or the intoxicating aroma of the new car smell but whatever it is it causes most people’s brains to fall out when picking out vehicle options. Come on, do you really think anyone wants a car with crank windows in this day and age? That alone will probably lose you a grand come resale time.

As we are also in a far more technologically advanced age there are a number of other things new car shoppers have access to that new car buyers will soon be demanding. Now come on people even your parents have iPods so why aren’t you optioning your car with a USB/iPod jack?

And if you are dumb enough to buy something the sub-$10,000 Hyundai Accent SE that doesn’t even offer air conditioning as an option please don’t be surprised if your car is worth $3 in five years time. In this day and age does someone need to tell you that you need air conditioning? Imagine how bad a car without air conditioning would smell after five years of you sweating like a pig in the driver’s seat. And don’t even think any of your friends will want to ride with you.

Power Windows/Locks/Air Conditioning

Can I get a resounding Duh! This goes without question no matter how cheap the car. If you can’t afford a car with these buy used.

iPod Jack/USB Port

Kids demand iPod accessibility now. Imagine how bad it will be in ten years.

Built-in GPS Navigation

Nobody likes to get lost, now do they. They also don’t like dashboards with huge screens but no navigators. A must in luxury cars.

Automatic Transmission

Unless you plan on keeping your car forever invest in an automatic. They are not as fun but worth more come resale. If you must have a manual check out BMW, Honda and Mazda for some of the best in regards to selling well later.

Anti-Lock Brakes

We all like to stop, now don’t we?

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