Battle of the Sexes are Men or Women better Drivers – Women

As a woman I feel compelled to say that women are the better drivers but truthfully, there is no real logic to my answer. I know plenty of men who are horrible drivers and I know plenty of women who are horrible drivers. I also know plenty of good drivers of both genders. This is just another round in the battle of the sexes and if I have to choose a side, I am certainly defending my own. So, in a completely illogical fashion and for fun, I will attempt to explain why women are better drivers than men.

I would like to start out by saying that I have been in two car accidents in my twenty-three years of living. In both of those instances a male was behind the wheel. The first accident happened when the driver decided that since he was driving ten miles over the speed limit and making an extremely sharp turn that would be a great time to also switch out the CD in his car CD player. Of course, I could have changed the CD for him if I (the woman) was allowed to touch the CD player. You know us women; we are just never great with electronicssarcasm, obviously. The driver apparently thought that driving straight into a five-foot tall solid brick mailbox would produce better results than a woman touching his electronics. OK, I’m exaggerating. He didn’t actually hit the mailbox. Instead, he swerved the car into oncoming traffic and then, upon swerving back into the correct lane, the car made a complete 180 and the accident ended with the car upside down in a ditch on the side of the road. Darn that CD player! No, clearly I blame the male, hence, me using this story in my argument. I 100% blame the male in this case. Had he not been so stubborn and macho with his CD player, I wouldn’t have ended my night upside down in a ditch. Oh, and maybe if he weren’t speeding while driving around a notoriously dangerous curve in the road it wouldn’t have happened.

The second accident doesn’t even compare to the first but it is worth mentioning. Basically, he (the same driver as before) hit a deer with his care. Yes, a harmless little Bambi. It is definitely worth adding that he was speeding again and also tampering with his CD player.

So, how does all of this prove women to be better drivers than men? To sum this all up…women aren’t usually obsessed with driving the speed of a Nascar racer or pretending they are Paul Walker from one of those Fast and the Furious movies. They don’t become obsessed with their car electronics to the extent of crashing over it and women are better with multitasking. If they did want to speed while going around a dangerously sharp turn and switch up a CD all at the same time, I’m sure it would be manageable. Lastly, women just don’t kill Bambi! They Don’t!


As i mentioned before, there is no serious logic to any of this! It’s a battle of the sexes and I thought I would have fun with it! In no way shape or form do I think any of the comments made in this article are necessarily true 🙂


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