Automobile Charisma does it really Matter what Type of Vehicle a Man Drives

It shouldn’t really matter, but the truth is, everyone judges everyone, and whether we like it or not, people are judged by what type of vehicle they drive. When it comes to the vehicle a man drives, things just take a whole new dimension.

If a man has a car that’s 20 years old, it better be a muscle car. Otherwise he will get the “loser” label. Or so it would seem. I own a car that’s 20 years old, and it’s not a muscle car. It’s not even a top of the line. But it makes newer and prettier cars look like pieces of metal.

The thing is it isn’t the vehicle you drive, its how you drive it that matters. Of course that the visual aspect has all the importance and that will hardly change, but with vehicles, as with people, you have to look beyond what you see.

Men usually give all the importance to the car they drive. I doubt that there’s a man out there that can say that they never thought that they were driving something that weren’t comfortable with. But should that vehicle define what one is? No, it should not, and everyone should see it like it is.

In my case, I have had many joys with my 20 year old car, and it has never failed me once, while some people I know have had a lot of issues with their own cars. My girlfriend also loves the car, as do our friends. The opinion is the same: it’s a machine. I call it my tank. Yes, it may sound as silly as it is, but that should show you that we all give importance to what we drive. As for me, I couldn’t be prouder of my car. Just to let people know, it’s a small Opel Corsa 1.2, and it is known for leaving BMW’s and Mercedes behind with ease. How many cars can do that? I’d say that not many.

Should people judge me for what I drive? No. Do they judge me for my car? Almost certainly they do. Does my car define who I am? I think it does, since it’s the toughest car I’ve seen. The bottom line is that no one should be judged by what they drive. If the car you’re driving makes you feel good, than that should be enough, we should stop paying much attention to what other people think about the vehicle we’re driving.

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