Anger Management as Part of Drivers Training is it just a Waste of Money and Time or for Safety – Against

What? Hold on a minute here. I appreciate that there are many requirements you need to fulfill prior to receiving your driving license and being let lose on public streets. You need to have gained practical experience; you need to prove your theoretical knowledge or rules on the streets and in some countries you need to learn some basic first aid skills prior to being an authorized driver.

All these skills are highly relevant to driving and you won’t have any of these abilities prior to preparing to your driving test. They form part of society’s requirement to raise safe drivers for a reduction of accidents – serious or minor – on the roads.

But let’s be honest here – whilst I appreciate that some drivers are pretty aggressive and can be a danger to the rest of the world, this cannot be generalized to all drivers.

Yes, people get stressed and drive aggressively to make up a few extra minutes to get to their meeting in time. That’s what speed cameras, police controls, fines and point systems are for.

Yes, people get annoyed with other drivers making foolish mistakes and it sometimes seems that giving rude gestures is a new sport amongst drivers. But whilst it is not particularly polite and even less necessary, it is hardly a danger to the public and usually not borne out of real anger, but rather frustration or surprise.

And yes, some drivers are really aggressive, push others, terrify other users of the road. And I agree that these users are a safety to the public and should be taken off the road. So, if your question is: “Should people being aggressive whilst driving and therefore risk others safety be taken off the road until they can control their temper?” my answer would be YES!

But to force everyone trying to obtain a driving license to participate in an anger management course – no matter if they show any signs of anger issues or not – is not only unfair and unnecessary, but also an incredible waste of time and money.

Anger and aggression is a problem in our society. But we don’t make people take anger management courses prior to starting work – or becoming parents. To enforce this on learning drivers is generalizing all drivers and assuming that anyone going behind a wheel is aggressive and dangerous – a wildly unfair assumption as in reality this only affects a small proportion of drivers.

So let’s stay realistic here – if someone is stopped because of their dangerous and aggressive driving an anger management course might be a good solution. But to enforce this onto all learning drivers is just a new way to make some more money and to reduce the number of learning drivers who can afford applying for a license.


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