An Outline of Hybrid Cars and Miles per Gallon

Environmental issues, especially pollution, have become a public concern in recent years. As more and more people become aware of the deteriorating environmental conditions, actions are being taken by many Americans in order to stop this and help the environment. A common method of doing so is to drive vehicles that burn less fuel. Numerous consumers have bought hybrid cars for this reason. Hybrid cars have turned heads in the past few years as they becoming increasingly more common to see on the road.  So what makes a hybrid car desirable to so many drivers?  Hybrids are known for being eco-friendly and getting great gas mileage.

Okay, so hybrids are good for the environment, but what exactly is a hybrid?  Sometimes hybrid cars are confused with electric cars, which is inaccurate. A hybrid car is not exclusively powered by electricity. The word hybrid is defined as “something that has two different types of components performing essentially the same function” by Merriam Webster. A hybrid car is a vehicle that is run on two sources of power: electric and gasoline, instead of the traditional exclusively gasoline powered cars.

The most well known model of today’s hybrid hype is the Toyota Prius. The sale of these hybrid cars began in the United States with the introduction of the 2001 model of the Toyota Prius.  According to Toyota’s official website, the new 2013 Prius gets 51 city and 49 highway miles per gallon. This number is remarkable compared to the U.S. national fuel average, as stated by NBC news, at 24 miles per gallon. The half-electric-half-gasoline powered vehicle is sure saving drivers money with the rising gas prices in the American economy (giving a whole new meaning to the word “eco-friendly”). The Prius is not only fuel efficient, but also affordable.  The cost of a new 2013 Toyota Prius starts at $24,200, which is a reasonable price for a brand new car. The Toyota Prius, like most other hybrid vehicles on the market, has phenomenal gas mileage for both city and highway and is sold for a decent, affordable price.

When looking for an affordable and fuel-efficient vehicle, hybrid vehicles seem to be the way to go. Saving the ecosystem, money, and fuel, these eco- and wallet-friendly hybrid cars are revolutionizing American roads.


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