5 Bad Habits that can Kill your Car

Cars like any other mechanical device need to be regularly serviced and looked after. To ensure you’re car is reliable you will also need to examine your driving habits as bad driving can reduce the life of your car and will regularly see the inside of the garage or worst an early trip to the breaker’s yard.

1. If you are a new driver with a car with a manual gearbox, do not be tempted to rest your foot on the clutch pedal. The smallest amount of pressure on the pedal over a period of time will ruin the clutch. Pressure will start the clutch slipping due to excessive wear on the clutch disc surface. A slipping clutch must be replaced as eventually it will become impossible to put the car into gear.

2, It is vital to keep the car serviced either by a garage or the owner as the gearbox and differential in a badly serviced car can run dry and seize completely. Unlike engine oil with has both a dipstick and warning light, the gearbox and differential will give no prior warning of failure.

3. Tyres are the link between the car and the road. Bald tyres will drastically reduce stopping distances especially in the wet. A damaged tyre could blow out and risk serious damage both to the car and the owner. Tyre should show no signs of perishing and ideally have at the very least 3 mm of tread across the entire surface of the tyre.

4. Over-use of the brakes will rapidly wear down the disk pads and wear thin the discs themselves. Poor maintenance of the braking system will allow the brake pads to wear so thin the driver will only be alerted to problems when the metal back of the pads are scrapping on the discs. This will vastly reduce braking distances and will involve considerable cost in repairs.  Low hydraulic pressure also a result of bad servicing will require the car driver to pump the brakes to get a reasonable stopping response. This in an emergency will cost valuable seconds and could result in a crash.

5. It is vitally important to hold the steering wheel in both hands. If the driver only has one hand on the wheel and goes over a sharp bump at speed it could wrench the steering wheel out of his hand leaving the car to wander across carriageways out of all control which could cause a serious accident.


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