Alternative Fuel Speeding up Production on Cleaner and Cheaper Automobiles

Do you hate high gas prices? Have you ever asked if there was a way to speed up the move to cars powered by alternative fuels such as E85 Ethanol and Hydrogen? You can bet there is, and auto makers who need to generate profit long term, are ambitious, or would like to see there organizations into the next fifty years are those that will implement this strategy, or others like itquickly.

The answer therein lies in marketing, the method of selling these “new breed” cars to the consumer. How can marketing catalyse the move you ask? Simply think about what’s hot in television. Pop culture, iPods, and reality TV. They’re hot because they have captured the minds of the “internet generation”, those consumers between the ages of twenty and thirty five. Auto makers simply need to copy that model of marketing and incorporate it into the primary strategy of selling their alternative fuel cars. Simply put, the image of these new breed of cars has to change from “saves money on gas” (an image that appeals to the older, economic sensitive generation), to “sexy, suave, the car cool people drive”, an image more appealing to the younger generation. The “alternative fuel” cars need to be made the “iPod of the road”.

After that marketing phase is complete the buzz would be enough to bump the metamorphosis of these “clean cars” to the minds of the consumer into the next phase. At this point competitors of the automaker who successfully marketed their first batch of alternative fuel cars will see the profitability in being “2nd” and will startup their own marketing campaign capturing yet another spot in the auto market. The success of the first two companies will firm up a strong forward force, a catalyst, driving the sales of “clean cars up at incredible speeds. Those companies will make billions, not only because of the abundance of raw materials used in making fuels that power such vehicles but because of what they, the automakers representa group of businesses helping to save our planet.

This, of course, might not work for all forms of clean fuel, but will hold strong promise for those automakers that opt for Hydrogen (the most abundant element in the known universe), and E85, a mostly renewable fuel source made from grown biomaterial and other grain products.
This strategy will not only work in speeding up the move to cleaner vehicles powered by alternative fuels, it is needed! Say hello to the demise of wars spawned by gasoline competition. It will be an interesting observation to watch the profits of the first auto company that embraces this clever approach soar to billions.


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