Alternate Fuel Legislation Humor

Oil Problems – Blame on the Dinosaurs

Rep. Jay Inslee of the 1st District in the state of Washington was a featured guest on
C-Spans Washington Journal one morning in January 2008. He is on the Energy Independence Committee and is a very articulate advocate for acquiring freedom from oil in this country. He and co-author have written a book, “Fire Ignites America’s Clean Energy Economy”.

In his appearance on Washington Journal he made some remarks that resonate with me. The first thing he pointed out was that our oil problems are all the fault of the dinosaurs that chose to die in the Middle East and other areas of the globe in greater numbers than they did in America. I suppose we should be thankful that our Creator our arrival on Earth until later, so that we aren’t on the menu of those hordes of toothy reptiles. It boggles the mind to think of the numbers of dinosaurs that had to die to leave the oil, the residue of their bodies, that have fueled this planet’s present millions or billions of people for over 100 years

Oil hasn’t run out yet, but the signs are there that soon production of oil is not going to be able to keep up with demand, if the economies of China, India, Brazil and other countries continue to grow at the current rapid rate. There is a fast-growing number of people in those countries who are reaching middle class status, and among other coveted modern conveniences, they are buying cars, the internal combustion kind that pollute the atmosphere.

Rep. Inslee wanted to pass a bill he called the Apollo bill that would spark the speed-up on-going research and development of alternative sources of energy, starting with bio-fuels. He mentioned several sources better than corn that is already in use. He thinks the hybrid car is the immediate answer that will evolve into more efficient methods of fueling our transportation needs. He said he had just driven a hybrid car that gets 150 mph.

Inslee’s critics think his bill is weak, and, although he set a deadline of 2015, that does not require the federal government to buy and use hybrid vehicles and alternative fuels fast enough.

Inslee reminded his audience that Americans consist of only 3% of the people on Earth but use 25% of the world’s supply of oil. He also said he wants to develop alternate fuels as fast as possible, and sell them to China and India to help balance our deficit trade relations. It would also help prevent those fast-rising countries from pushing global warming problems beyond the point of no return as they are currently doing.

Since the January 2008 appearance of Congressman Jay Inslee, the price of fuel has risen astronomically, and the urge is ever greater for better cars and better, non-polluting fuels to propel them. There is much more to be said on the subject.

Perhaps there is a mysterious source of energy out in the cosmos that will be the saving grace for us as soon as another Nickola Tessla comes along to figure out what it is, and how to harness it. Those UFOs have been using it successfully for centuries. but haven’t seen fit to share the technology with us. Where are those elusive little, big-brained guys when we need them. Has anyone seen a UFO lately?


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