A look at Driving Lesson Programs in Scotland

Tavish Scott, Scottish Transport Minister recently announced that discounts of up to 90% will be given to young drivers for attending the advanced driving lesson. It is an effort to cut the rising death toll of drivers among the under 25s.

According to Tavish, “Two thousand people a month pass their driving test in Scotland and one in five has an accident within a year, and that to me suggests we have to keep on finding new ways of tackling driver behaviour.” In another finding, everyday in Britain, 2 under 25s dies in road accident. That is an astonishing figure.

So, what is advanced driving and how could it help reduce the already rising death toll in accidents? There are a lot of companies offering advance driving lesson, but the two most recognised is Pass Plus and the Institute of Advanced Motoring or also known as IAM. Pass Plus is a training scheme specially designed by the Driving Standard Agency (DSA) to help new drivers with their driving. It is said to:

gain valuable driving experience safely
build on your existing skills and knowledge
reduce your risk of being in a road crash
save money on car insurance premiums, and
boost your confidence

It covers a lot of lessons you would normally have not covered during your driving lesson. Driving on motorways, night driving and all weather driving are amongst the few that is covered. With Pass Plus you will not have to take a test at the end of it but simply complete all the modules in the course with an achieved or exceeded standard. But there is a catch. You only have 12 months after passing your driving test to enrol to Pass Plus. Since it is a scheme for new drivers, you will not be considered as a new driver after 12 months of passing your driving test.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) on the other hand, caters for everyone. It doesn’t matter what age you are or when you passed your test, IAM is offering their lessons for a flat rate of 85.00. You begin your training with an observer who will observe your driving skills and comment on the journey at the end of every lesson. Established in 1956, IAM is the leading road safety organisation, with over 112,000 members throughout the UK. Unlike the Pass Plus, IAM offers a more complex lesson to its members, which at the end of it you will have a choice of taking the advanced driving test. The Advanced Driving Test lasts about 90 minutes and will be examined by an examiner who will have held a Police Advanced Driving certificate.

Both companies offer one thing in common, Driver awareness. It will help drivers deal with a wide range of road and traffic situations, many of which they may not have come across yet. And since the majority of accidents happen due to driver error, this scheme would probably work in reducing accidents on our roads.


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