A Guide for Buying an Antique Car be sure

The best guide to buying an antique car would be to know what you want it for in the first place. Money shouldn’t be a problem, because, even the poor old man down at the corner store who’s 80 couldn’t afford one today. If it’s just to look at, you don’t have a problem. If it still has it’s wheels, you might even be able to take it for a spin. But if the engine isn’t working… well, you will just have to look at it: for a while anyway.

If it was for the feel of that sunny day’s ‘wind in your hair’ drive, down todays highway at 10-20km hour (+- 20-40 miles p.h.,) then you’ll need to know where you can get those spare parts. What make is it? Where, was it made? Are any parts like it still available, or is it one of those ‘one off ‘ cars like my grand-parent’s owned? If it is, start looking for brass.

That, shone with the sun. I reckon it had enough brass to run on Solar Power, if they had tried! Now that, was a convertible, if that’s what you want. In no time – mostly on call, because it was the only one – it could be converted from a family sedan, to a ‘top of the roof’ (brass and all,) hearse. They buried the ancestors in style in those days. Back to why they got rid of the horses, from this famous horse capital of Victoria Australia, for why, they preferred horse power of a different kind.

If that’s what you’re looking for in that antique car when you buy one, you can’t go past one with a horn (or hooter,) which must still work. You don’t need the brakes to fail, and you don’t want that speedy today’s car in front of you, not to get out of the way. You are coming through! That would be a total catastrophe to the car of 2,000 +, because the sturdiness of your grand antique model would leave it a total wreck.

If it’s one of those which have a Dicky seat at the back, and you want to take the kids for that old time religious picnic in the country, up some tree lined, dusty road, go for it! Another thing you must be sure of when buying an antique car is to check if you can drive it at night. You might get away with it on the county out-back road for night driving, otherwise, you can get search-lights today that run off the battery, so you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing where you are going.

A definite in this millenniums traffic is, make absolutely certain your antique car has ‘anything’ to let the driver behind you know, you are about to turn. You don’t need them either broad-siding your polished effort, and wiping themselves off the road for lack of the plastic they are made of. That would be more than disastrous! You would have to be explaining to the courts, whatever it was you were turning with, why your antique was still in one piece, and why all it needed in damage bills was a spit and another polish.

That would be one of the down sides of buying an antique car. Be on the alert for that one when you are looking for the right one. Whichever you choose, I am certain this should be framed as remembrance of how you ever came up with the best guiding advice one could ever receive, on buying an antique car. Bon Voyage… and let me know. I’m looking for a place to park all mine.


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