A Collectors Guide to the Aston Martin Db5

Well before the James Bond series made the name Aston Martin synonymous with adventure, car collectors knew the potential with the DB5. The excitement and intrigue of the 1960s was the spirit that was captured in the design of DB5 Shooting Brake, the DB5 saloon as well as the DB5 convertible.

While the smooth lines of the DB4’s exterior were extended to the DB5, the most significant difference occurs, as with most, under the body in the soul of the vehicle. Features considered standard today, such as disk brakes and power windows, were introduced as luxurious compliments to the increased engine capacity.

The engine of the DB5 was increased to four liters, bored out to 96 mm and acclimated to support three carburetors fitted to the previous db4 block. With the greater fuel intake, the standard three speed gear box was upgraded to the five speed, full synchromesh ZF gearbox. For the true enthusiast, the original gearbox remained as an option. To accommodate the greater torque release the wheel size of 15” matched the 16” steering wheel, as well as the inherited Girling disc brakes from the DB4GT.

While the collector strives for originality of the vehicle, Aston Martin has recognized the need to both improve the quality and performance of the vehicle, while remaining true to the spirit of the DB5. Improvements to existing parts such as timing casing, engine mounts and the cylinder heads. Using the original specifications, replacement parts are tooled exactly and matched by specialty inspectors, recreated with improved materials and tooled techniques.

This advantage was also extended to include the reduced steering wheel size to 15” for better control. The cylinder head stud is recreated with higher grade steel, coated with black zinc to prevent corrosion. The improved head gasket was redesigned to correcting previous breach points. The original window lift system has also been upgraded to increase both speed and reduce motor noise, while designed to fit into the original regulatory mechanism. Aston Martin has remained true to the enthusiast by providing originally manufactured parts, as well as upgrades to fill the gaps between the luxuries.

The Aston Martin DB5 collector will not be surprised by the high value price tag even in models that suffer from time and neglect, if one were to find an undervalued model for sale, the DB5 is easily, but not cheaply, restored to its original grandeur. While most of the public are familiar with the silver grey of the James Bond series, the true range of colors available for the DB5 are as vibrant as the decade that birthed the vehicle.

With the Aston Martin’s attention to detail in the vehicle, the DB series also has a wide range of accessories available to the collector, which include updated keys and key fobs, floor mats, fitted car covers as well as Aston Martin designed luggage. These accessories compliment the standard Aston Martin tool kits, as well as the Thor copper and hide mallet used to remove the wheel spinners without damaging the chrome overlay.

While the character James Bond has brought the vehicle excitement to the public eye, Aston Martin’s attention to detail and commitment to the DB5 collector has kept the character of this vehicle not only classic, but classy as well.

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