Muscle Car with Power

What is a muscle car? To me it’s a car with power, command of the road, and a enough horse power that kicks ass! I once owned a 72 Chevy Malibu with a 350 engine, by all terms its not a muscle car, but I had this car into the early 90’s when I finally turned it over to my college age son. By then, it was considered a muscle car compared to what was being driven at the time.

Don’t you just love those square cars that all look alike? I call them bread boxes’. Wow! Cookie cutters, where are the great designers of these muscle cars anyway? The long fins on those Cadillac’s were just so awesome! Or, how about the T-bird that had the roof where it folded down and became a convertible, how cool was that! Or those old Pontiacs that had the neatest hood ornaments What happen? Where are the great car designersdid they just walk into the cornfield one day near Detroit and disappear. (Oh wait, that was field of dreams)

Naw, Detroit and the like decided its better to make money then designing a unique vehicle, I mean just look at poor John DeLorean and what Ford did to that poor soul! John was on the right track nevertheless. I swear Detroit is bringing the industry down around them by having their head stuck in back waters of their dirty city. Lets hope Mr. Wagoner listens up and turns that industry around soon. Come on, it was us who went to Japan and actually showed them how to build cars, now they are beating us at our own game, its like designing a powerful gun and then selling it to the enemy. Duh.

I’m a female and would drive the freeways of Los Angeles every day for hours on end, it never failed for some young kid to pull up along side me with his small cheap pick up truck and want me to race him. Race him! It depended on my mood and how the freeway looked whether I was tempted or not. They would sit next to me on the freeway and rive up their engine and look over at me, like.. lets go! Lets golets go where? We’re sitting on the 405 in bumper to bumper traffic and the highest speed of the day was 6 mph. But, it did pass the time away comparing loud engine noises. First you and then me until some guy behind us sitting in his Mercedes blew the horn and yelled “Knock it off!” (jealousy can be so ugly)

Oh, but one time I actually decided to race, I kicked the engine and I flew first 60 then 70 and then 90, and the kid in the little pick up truck was still beside me, damn! What’s he got under that hood anyway. I was now up to 110 and started to pull away from himfinally! But, I started getting really nervous. Like where is the CHP hiding, or did some trucker just lose half of his tire up a head, I finally slowed down. Was it fun, well, I’m not sure. I did beat the little trucker and that was my aim, did I ever race again. Well, sort of. After all it was MY muscle car.


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