Modern Cars that could be Collectibles of the Future

Ever since the automobile became a part of our lives, there have been enthusiasts who favor specific makes and models. In turn, like a rare piece of jewelry, a Hummel figurine, or a US two-dollar bill, some cars are destined to become collectables.

Each year during warm-weather months, hundreds if not thousands of shows take place that cater to both auto collectors and admirers alike. Some of these events will focus on one particular make of car while others feature many different brands. In either case, the overwhelming majority of cars on display have one thing in common: They are old models that rolled off the assembly line decades ago; for in the minds of most, age is what makes a car collectable, or a classic. And certainly, this makes sense. Who would bother to attend a car show that featured examples that can be seen every day when any new or used car lot would provide the same experience?

However, with that said, there is something none of us can escape, and that is the inevitable passage of time. As a result, some of the common, dime-a-dozen cars we see on the streets with regularity day in and day out will one day become just as collectable as the vintage models on display at car shows are today. Yes, it’s a bit difficult to think of something such as a 2011 Cadillac loaded with all the bells and whistles as being quaint, but some day, this is exactly what will happen. To put this into perspective, let’s go back to around 1960. A lot of 1957 Chevy Bel Airs sat in driveways all across the nation, but did anyone envision how collectable these cars would be 50 years later?

With that train of thought firmly etched in the reader’s mind, here are a few modern-day cars that will likely become collectable and thus appear in car shows in future years. Some monikers have been around for a long time, but the newer models will nevertheless take their spot in the car show circuit :

Volkswagen New Beetle (current model discontinued, but a new design is on its way)

Mini Cooper

Fiat 500

Chrysler PT Cruiser (discontinued)

Chrysler 300 (unique styling)

Ford Mustang

Chevy HHR Pickup (discontinued)

Chevy Camaro

Any Pontiac or Saturn, because the brand was killed

Any Mercury for the same reason

Any sports coupe, domestic or imported, such as:



Nissan 300Z

Audi TT

Cadillac CTS

Mazda RX-8

Jaguar XK

For whatever reason, four-door sedans historically have not fared well in car shows, but this could very well change. Not only are mid-sized and full-sized cars with just two doors a thing of the past, but sedans today make up the most sales . Therefore, don’t be surprised if some very good-looking cars such as the Ford Fusion or the Hyundai Sonata begin to pop up in future events.

And finally, it must be remembered that the definition of a classic or collectable car can vary greatly from person to person. Much of it will be fueled by emotion and nostalgia. It has often been said that we never appreciate what we have until it’s gone. So for those whose good old days may include driving something that is now a mere footnote in automotive history, you are respectfully forgiven in advance.


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