5 Ways you can Void your Cars Manufacturers Warranty

If you have ever had a car warranty, and most of us have, then you know that there are many things not included in the warranty, usually everything that goes wrong with your car.

There are also things that void your warranty, and, you may not be aware of them until it’s too late.

1. Many warranties come with the stipulation that you service your vehicle on a regular basis, which is a good idea anyway. However, many will insist that you have it serviced at a specific dealership. First, dealerships charge about twice the amount for servicing cars as other businesses. They also insist that you have flushes and fluid changes,every so many miles. All of this comes out of your pocket, and is recorded. If you fail to show up, the warranty may be voided.

If you are really handy at servicing your own car and want to keep your warranty, forget it.

2. Misuse of the vehicle is a legitimate warranty buster. If you are using your car as a drag racer, then you probably are misusing it. However, some vehicles were purchased to perform actual work. A lot of money is spent on exciting commercials showing folks driving through every kind of terrain known to mankind, while hauling boulders. The line between normal, everyday activity and misuse then is hazy.

3. If your car happens to be at the scene of some environmental disaster, such as an earthquake, tornado, or flood, the warranty will be voided. Acts of God are not considered reasonable claims. This is a problem for your insurance company.

4. Excessive wear is a tricky area, since it is up to the mechanics that work for the dealer to decide if the problem was your fault because of neglect of some sort. Arguing is pointless, because they have the experts on their side.

5. If you tamper with your car to save money, install parts that are aftermarket, or use inappropriate or inferior fluids, this can also void a warranty. Car dealers argue that this is what caused whatever problem you are currently having. If someone has tampered with the fluids in your car, added something foreign or inferior, or otherwise impaired your car, this comes under the authority of your personal insurance.

If you try and scam the dealership by changing the odometer, then they have a legitimate reason to completely void the warranty.


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