Flying Cars Fiction or Reality

Flying cars: Fiction or reality?

To think that one day very soon, we will be able to climb out of our beds and jump into a flying car! This may sound like something out of a comic book or a science fiction move, starring Bruce Willis; However, the thought of avoiding hazardous road conditions and clusters of annoying traffic, does sound very appealing, doesn’t it?

If you think I’m joking about flying cars, then take a look at what is going on at Moller International: Moller, a robotics engineering manufacturer and designer, is currently leasing a 34,500 square foot facility, in Davis, California, USA. The compound is adjacent to a four acre, flight test area; If you’re wondering if four acres are enough for take off and landing, then you must understand that the vehicles that are designed and built there, operate with vertical take off technology. This is a slightly different technology to the Harrier Jump Jet that made it’s debut in the British Military during the 1960’s.

The entire Moller International facility is fully equipped with all of the latest computer technology and air-frame building equipment, not to mention that it’s sales office and marketing division, are all cleverly squeezed into the same location.

There is also electronics CAD capability, with state of the art field programmable gate array technology, for fast turn around in diverse markets. I guess if things don’t work out, then at least they can quickly redirect their focus onto something more profitable?

The Moller Skycar is qualified to travel for short distances on the ground, just like a car and will take off vertically and deliver you to your destination, just as any small aircraft would. However, if you’re rubbing your hands and checking your bank balance, the total cost for one of these futuristic traffic beaters, will run just under a million bucks at this point and a pilot’s license will be required at this present time!

The M400 Skycar can fly at a cruising speed of 275mph, with a maximum speed of 375mph. It is designed to run on just about any type of fuel available and although it’s hard to believe, it will get a little over 20 miles to the gallon. It’s flight range is 750 miles and if you’re wondering where to park such a thing, it is only about the same size as a large automobile and will fit compactly into most garages.

If you’d like to be the first in line for one of these 4 passenger road to sky VTOL (vertical take of and landing) machines, then you will need to come up with a $100,000USD, refundable deposit and hold your breath for about a year. This vehicle is in the test stages and is contingent on FAA certification and successful transitioning flight occurrences. Even then, there maybe other variables factored into it’s price! But what the heck, you’ll be one of the first to beat the traffic and show off to your neighbors!

For extensive specifications and a full virtual tour, including test snippets, please visit: and feast your eyes on the future, in the very near future!


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