Automobile Information: Prepping your Car for Maximum Sale Price

Don’t judge the book by the cover, right in one way, but, absolutely wrong in another way. What makes you flip this one instead of the one laying next to it, the answer is – the cover page, unless you can read through. Don’t bother about selling price if people don’t even stop by.

So, Let’s start from the outer appearance which is the body. Cosmetic is for enhancement or cover up, well! That really depends, get one of those body repair kid, and also, a can of spray paint according to the colour code of the car body. Now, be careful, I am not talking about a real serious situation here but a minor visible body defect which you think is manageable otherwise you may end up with a big mess and nothing has done up for sure.

Next, don’t leave any missing part which is unattended on the body or interior; make a trip to one of those huge scrap yards. The bargain is pretty good for items like skirting, side lamp, bumper, mirror, car seatyou name it they have it. You can even consider towing one of the engines if the price is right. By the way, since we have arrived at the scrap yard, let me mentioned this, air conditioning compressor is really affordable in the scrap yard. Consider getting one if your air conditioning is not running, what you really need is to make sure it operates during test drive, that’s all. Usually it lasts better than that, don’t worry.

Cleaning up the engine compartment is only three simple steps but requires some electrical knowledge. Firstly insulate or cover up all electrical appliances which are spark plug, distribution box, battery and fuse box, please do not make any assumption here, you need to be very sure that those electrical items are familiar with you. Then, spray entire can of degreaser on whatever surface and rinse it with water hose. Hey, get your children to help, for me, they really enjoy by wetting all over. Don’t be alarmed, if the engine compartment looks somewhat like brand new to you, that’s your hard work.

If you have not washed the car ever since, for goodness sake, please do it for the first and last time and make sure is a thorough one. Change the engine oil, the feel for driving is much smoother relatively; anyway it does not cost a lot.

Lastly, to impress the buyer, keep every record in order which includes tyre change, oil change, repair history, log card…..etc. This shall indicate your seriousness about looking after the car since beginning. Yah! please leave it in my comment box for those item which I have missed out because I though I am the expert.


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