Auto Accessies Tips for Choosing a Car Top Carrier

Car top carriers are a very important component of a car for long hauls, road touring and so much more. While technology has helped create some amazing vehicles, often the free space within a car is not sufficient for toting all the luggage you need in order to make your road trip enjoyable. A host of cars now have less leg room than ever before. Cramming a vast array of luggage, games, food and so forth inside a car can make for a very uncomfortable road trip indeed.

Not only does it make for a very cramped ride, stuffing a whole load of luggage inside a car can do serious damage to the interior and be dangerous to all passengers as well. Some items could become projectiles if a person were to be involved in an accident. One also needs to take into account that overloading the interior of a vehicle is illegal. Car top carriers can accommodate a fair amount of luggage and make your road trip so much more enjoyable. Choosing the car top carrier for your needs is relatively easy. When choosing your car top carrier take into account various factors; budget, space required and the type of carrier suitable for the type of car you have. Read on to learn some excellent tips for choosing a car top carrier.

Decide why you need a car top carrier:

Give some thought to the specific reason you wish to purchase a car top roof carrier. What are you hoping to use it for? What will you usually be packing inside it? Are you hoping to tote tools, clothes and shoes for a vacation, camping gear, fold-up camp beds? The hard car top carrier will be best for these items. Simply wish to tote all the kid’s toys to your vacation destination? There are a host of different car top carriers to choose from, large, small, hard, soft, hinged, zippered and so forth. Prior to choosing your car top carrier research a few online and learn all the positives as well as the negatives of certain styles and construction materials. Do you want a car roof carrier constructed from hard plastic or soft fabric? Will you want the added security of zippered lockable enclosures?

Hard top car carriers:

Hard top aerodynamic carriers are ideal for those who want less wind resistance. The car will be more stable on the road and much easier to handle in high wind areas, open roads and when climbing hills. This aids in fuel economy as well and gives you more peace of mind. Those who enjoy a spot of camping, fishing, hiking and exploring the great outdoors, will find the hard top roof carrier the best option.

Why? Hard top carriers can endure the elements so much better than a fabric carrier, snow, hail etc. Think of where you are heading as rain, frost and so forth can do serious damage to various packed items. You don’t wish to arrive at your destination to find that all your good clothes are covered in mould due to moisture penetrating the soft car top carrier. This is why the hard top carrier is the best option for diverse weather conditions. The soft type of car carrier will dry out eventually thanks to the sun and winds, but it may be a little late to save your personal possessions. Waterproof car top liners can be purchased for soft car top carriers.

Carrier bags:

Car top carrier bags which are manufactured using nylon or polyester are very durable and stronger than the nylon types of carriers. Those planning on driving in sever heat or diverse weather conditions will be pleased to know that polyester is resistant to UV rays. Nylon wears out very fast if exposed to the sun for too long, so steer clear of the nylon car top carriers.

Pack the bags to their full capacity if possible as this stops the bag from flapping around. Most fabric car top carriers come with zippered lockable hinged closures. The personal preference of the author is the hard car top carrier which is much stronger. Thefts are very adept at breaking into fabric car top carriers.

Size does matter!

Don’t opt for a huge car top carrier simply because it looks great atop of the car. The larger the car top carrier, the more wind resistant you make your car, this adds up to more fuel consumption. By choosing an over large roof top carrier you could easily increase your fuel consumption by 20% or more. So think twice about size, only choose what you need, don’t go overboard.

Don’t buckle the car’s roof:

Remember that your car’s roof can only take so much weight before it buckles under the load. Very heavy items should not be carried in a car top carrier. Not only will it place too much strain on the car, too much weight in the car top carrier can make it top heavy. Overload your car top roof carrier and your car could tip over in gale force winds. It may sound comical to some, but it has happened.

Car top baskets:

Car top baskets are made from extremely sturdy materials and are manufactured with ease of use in mind. The car top basket carriers have a ridge base along their sidewalls. This makes strapping bags and nets down so much easier. Pair a basket with a car top carrier for that extra luggage.

Which roof top carrier really holds more?

While the hard top car carrier is deemed the most popular of all car top carriers, the soft car top carrier is more serviceable because it will hold more. Hard top car carriers have no stretch, therefore a lot of space can be wasted in regards to packing those items of various shapes and sizes. Hard top car carriers are just a little too rigid for some people, they only take what fits in properly.

Will a car top carrier do any damage to my expensive vehicle?

Not if you prepare the car for the carrier. You can purchase a type of marine rubber carpet matting for the undercarriage of the car top carrier. Why a marine brand? The marine brand is made to endure harsh climates and water. This type of matting will absorb any moisture and keep it well away from the actual surface of the car top carrier.

The rubber will last longer and will create a form of shock resistance. This will alleviate the chances of the carrier rubbing against the car’s body surface. Purchase some thick felt and wrap these around any straps which will anchor the car top carrier to the car. If this sounds like too much trouble simply purchase some roof pads.

What about storage?

Will you be leaving the car top carrier on the car permanently or will you wish to store this away when it’s not in use? Soft car top carriers can be easily folded and stored for later use. These will definitely take up less space in your garage.

What about your budget?

How much do you wish to spend and how far over your budget are you prepared to go to get the car top carrier which truly suits your needs? Soft car top carriers can be as cheap as $80 if you search in the right places, hard carriers can start at approximately $180.

Car top carriers are very easy to install. Investing in a car top carrier would be wise for those who enjoy long road trips. You will have so much more space in your car and this means your road trip will be much more enjoyable. To find out exactly what types of car top carriers are available on the market visit….


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