4all Wheel Drive Cars

What to get? The issue of off-roading has become more important than ever these days, so has the issue of safety in automobiles. It use to be back in the days you rarely if ever heard a car salesman/woman speak this language, however; with so much talk about safety and how cars perform, these days is a must to be able to speak to your prospects/customers.

All/4-wheel drive systems were never much of a discussion before SUV’s began to flood America’s roadways, for the most part; the topic of whether a car’s two rear wheels-or-two front wheels halled the car was of little if any importance before. Except for Audi, Subaru, and a small handful of other vehicles, there weren’t many cars the 90’s that had 4/all-wheel drive systems. Today however, there are many regular vehicles that offer (I use the word “offer,” because except for Subaru and a few other vehicles; when purchasing a regular automobile this is usually found on the “options” list.) 4/all-wheel drive capability. At the most basic level: you’ll rarely if ever get stuck anywhere, since with 4/all-wheel drive systems; all wheels are constantly in motion. Unlike with a front or rear wheel drive automobile; where either the front two wheels (front wheel drive) are pulling the rear wheels; or the rear wheels (rear wheel drive) are pulling the front. Most of the times cars get stuck in muddy places, dirt roads, etc., etc.; these are usually either front or rear wheel drive automobiles.

These days, technology is such, that it’s not unusual for you to purchase a vehicle with what’s known in the industry as “part time 4/all wheel drive systems.” Part time 4/all wheel drive is probably the purchase of choice for most, since all wheel drive vehicles usually handle exceptionally well; in contrast to their front or rear wheel drive counterparts. This is an expensive option, but if you value your life, as well as your loved one’s; part-time all wheel drive is probably what you should get.

If all a person needs is a car to take them from point A to point B. I don’t see why you should concern yourself with this topic. But, if you live in the mountains, or you have to do some serious off-roading to do; an 4/all wheel drive automobile is the only way to go, and you’d wouldn’t be wise not to purchase one.


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